It’s true that travellers visit Canada for its scenery, its rugged geography, to drink in its natural beauty. Travel here offers plenty of eye candy to be sure, but the country’s best travel experiences demand active involvement and insight into the nation’s spirit. We’re very attached to our land, and many of us live, work and play in nature. Canada remains a nation of lumberjacks, miners, farmers, ranchers and fishermen. At every turn, you’ll find once-in-a-lifetime adventures that match this robust national character: wilderness hikes, backcountry camping trips, working ranch stays, fly-in fishing forays, horseback treks and polar bear watching expeditions.

While Canadians identify with our rugged heritage, we’re also surprisingly urban. We remain an emerging destination in this regard, full of surprises and discoveries for international visitors. The country’s restaurant and cuisine scene is burgeoning, new and reimagined festivals and attractions are proliferating. The variety of activities and experiences to be had here is commensurate with the measure of Canada’s grand geography. A Canadian online travel magazine, Wapawekka will guide you through the physical and human geography of the nation, straight to adventures both grand and intimate, to authentic Canadian experiences